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                               ACOUSTIC PERFORMANCE PAGE AND INFO

               Click the link for a video sample my acoustic performance demo

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                Check out the Acoustic page for some Acoustic guitar samples
                                   and info  on booking Bob for his one man show

                      Bobs Guitar Work Demo. All styles, a minute or so of each.


Bob Richard


Welcome to my web site.

My name is Bob Richard, I’m a guitar player singer/songwriter, but for the most part my passion is the guitar. I’ve created this site to promote my guitar for hire skills. As well as my music teaching skills. Check out the guitar  lessons page for more info.  I’ve been playing professionally for 25 plus years. I’m well versed in many styles of music. So I can accommodate most any kind of guitar needs for your music.

I have a home studio where I do most of my tracking, but can come to your studio if needed. Given the ease of the technology these days, it’s very easy for me to do your tracking with a scratch track you send vie email, and when the tracks are complete ,I can send them back via drop box, or they can be picked on a cd or dvd. I’ve created a links page were you can hear some of my guitar work on some instrumental songs. Rates are very reasonable, and I can do most tracks in a timely fashion.

Feel free to contact me if there any questions at all.



          Amazing Grace, Finger Style